Window Cleaning Challenge
Matt Poole

Matt Poole

Window Cleaning Fun

August 16th, 2015

I can hear you say it from here… how is window cleaning fun? Well actually it is sometimes, especially when you can have a little friendly banter with your competitors, all for charity.

Each year we compete in the Fastest Window Cleaner challenge with the aim of bringing a little light-hearted bravado with the fine people over at PPC Windows. This year it was for the Worthing Homes funday in aid of Worthing Scope.

We setup our challenge on a brilliantly sunny day (mostly) and not only challenged each other but also the passing punters to a ‘who can clean it fastest’ race. And it was not only about quick cleaning, the window had to be spick and span too.

It was a great day and we had a lot of fun, hopefully contributing to a successful event all around. Obviously we won.. but we don’t brag about such things. We only say it again.. we won.

Don’t be shy next year, come along and see how the ‘Pro’s do it (and if you are any good we may even recruit you!).

All the best, Matt

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