Matt Poole

Matt Poole

Render Cleaning is Flying High

June 27th, 2018

Our softwash render cleaning has become very popular over the last few years as it provides a very effective and cost efficient way to bring the look of a building back to life.

We’re able to clean roofs, render, permarock, monocouche and many other surfaces without the need of high pressure water jetting, which can cause damage, mess and flooding. Jet washing can not only cause these problems but will also only get rid of what is on the surface, leaving algae spores still present and ready to grow straight back again. The algae that causes this discolouration depends on moisture to grow and lives off the phosphates found in the exterior surfaces, which turns green and later dark brown/black.

Our soft wash system applies a chemical based solution directly to the surface which not only removes the surface algae, but also kills the spores stopping any further growth for up to a year. This is done by combining a series of chemicals to remove growth, restore colour and kills the phosphates which the algae thrive on, and is all delivered to the surface via our water fed pole systems from the ground. Cleaning this way eliminates the risk of using ladders or the need for expensive high access equipment and allows us to carry out the work without the need of electrical supplies or generators. We use a minimal amount of solution, which is supplied from our adapted van mounted system, leaving your walls usually clean and dry within 30 mins.

Not convinced or want to see for yourself? We’ll come and do a test patch and show you the results at the same time of providing a quote.

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