Matt Poole

Matt Poole

Our Summer report

September 15th, 2017

The Summer of 2017 has been our busiest yet. Entering into the Summer break, we had an almost complete diary of bookings through to early September. So many jobs booked that we have worked many evenings and weekends to deliver it all. We aren’t complaining but we are all feeling like we need a holiday ourselves now!

The bulk of our work over the Summer relates to Schools and Colleges. Its really the best time of the year to do any buildings maintenance for Schools for obvious reasons. It makes everyone’s job a little easier to work in an empty School over the Summer, though we often find ourselves brushing shoulders with other workers – builders and gardeners etc.

Probably the biggest challenge for us in delivering the Summer workload is encouraging our clients to book in advance. We do appreciate why its not always possible but we do also try as hard as we can to accommodate last minute bookings. In reality, clients who book in advance will always be able to cherry pick the times and days that work best for them. However, at the end of the busy Summer, we have a lot of work completed that we can look back on with pride.

So as the students head back into their campuses, we hope it will be many months before they start staring out of the (now very clean) windows. By then, they may need doing all over again.

All the best


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