Solar Panel Cleaning

Does your business use Solar Panels to generate ‘Green energy’, reduce energy bills (and carbon footprint) and profit from selling energy back to the network? If you do, then you will know that keeping your Panels clean is critical to efficient operation. Our IPAF qualified cleaning specialists are able to clean your solar panels safely from a cherry picker using a telescopic water fed pole – alternatively if your roof has edge protection or a man safe system, our operatives are also trained and able to carry out the work from the roof itself. A full safety survey will be conducted on site taking into account any areas of risk, such as fragile parts of the roof (skylights etc.), and our solutions will always recommend that the work be carried out in the safest and most cost effective way possible. We will always work around you to ensure minimum disruption to the day to day running of your premises.

Why Solar Panel Cleaning?

The simple answer is that to not clean them is to cost you money. Dirt on the Solar Panels prevents a percentage of sunlight from hitting the Solar Cells. This in turn generates less electricity over time (as dirt accumulates). As a result, you receive less financial benefit from the Panels, reducing their ROI and reducing the positive effect of this ‘Green energy’ source.

Why choose Astound?

As well as having many years experience of Solar Panel cleaning, we invest in the right equipment and the right training to ensure our services are delivered at the highest standard. We are regularly tested and certified to deliver Solar Panel Cleaning. Our service is delivered with a strong focus on both Health and Safety and Customer Satisfaction, so you are always assured of the best result.


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Our solar panel cleaning video is a case study in how to clean large solar panel arrays, showing how Astound Window Cleaning can help you.

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We’re really proud to announce that we have achieved Approved Contractor status with Clean Solar Solutions.