Gutter Cleaning

Gutters that become blocked for too long can cause serious water damage and encourage mould growth and damp, this in turn can lead to costly repairs. By using our gutter cleaning service on a regular basis you can ensure that your guttering is free from such debris and stays in good working order. Having your gutters cleaned on an annual basis will keep rainwater moving away from your building, so it’s good to plan to clean your gutters once a year.

Having your gutters cleaned regularly can reduce water damage to your property, stock damage, and also higher insurance premiums, Astound are able to offer an annual scheduled gutter cleaning contract to a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, who know that the regular maintenance helps to reduce the risk of serious problems and will therefore save your business money. 

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Why should you clean Gutters?

Without regular cleaning, gutters can collect debris and detritus, and may become blocked. If a blockage occurs, water is likely to spill over the top back into the building. This is particularly likely during heavy downpours.

This can cause significant damage to your building and have an effect on your business. The internal damage caused by blocked guttering and this overspill can damage stock, contaminate raw materials, break machinery and equipment or even lead to temporary closure of the building. This can all add up to expensive insurance claims and therefore higher premiums.

In light of the heavy rainstorms that have become a regular part of the UK’s weather, many insurance companies are now recommending a routine gutter cleaning be undertaken on all commercial and industrial businesses, and that this in turn may be rewarded in a lower premium.

Why choose Astound?

We use the latest technology to get the most effective results by using wide bore, lightweight, carbon fibre poles in conjunction with the gutter vac system, which is a specialised and powerful industrialised wet and dry vacuum, and are able to clean up to 6 stories without the use of ladders, cherry pickers and scaffolding. In addition we can use our on board gutter CCTV system which can show the gutters with a live HD feed to a 6 inch screen to the operator standing below. We can also offer the footage on disk to show that the gutters are actually clean when we are finished, or alternatively just show you a live image. This is especially useful to show to insurance companies should there be the need for a water damage claim.

Our systems enable our gutter cleaning specialists to gain access to hard to reach gutters which may be inaccessible to systems such as ladders. This makes the whole process of gutter cleaning safer, more effective and significantly cheaper than traditional methods. Every customer is truly important to us – regardless of the size of the property we would be happy to provide you with a quotation for all your gutter cleaning needs.


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